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The Amaia Steps NUVALI is a low-rise condominium development built on a sprawling 2.29 hectares of land, which will give its lucky residents and their families an exhilarating sense of abundant space and of being surrounded by nature. Just on your doorstep is the innovative and environmentally friendly NUVALI development itself which boasts among other things, a boating and wakeboarding park, shopping, restaurants, hiking trails and bird and wildlife sanctuary.

Private facilities and amenities for Amaia Steps residents include:

Landscaped Rotunda and Palm Garden Entrance Area
A beautifully landscaped entrance area provides an impressive welcome for visitors and residents alike coming home to Amaia Steps Nuvali.

Infinity Pool, Meditation Patch and Reading Nooks
A landscaped, open area complete with separate children’s pool for you to exercise in or simply spend quality time with your loved ones. The meditation area and reading nooks provide a peaceful sanctuary for spending quiet time outdoors.

Children’s Playground
A safe, enclosed area for the little ones to play in, and for parents to socialize with each other.

Basketball Court
For the older kids, and the young-at-heart adults to test their skills against the kids.

Central Clubhouse
A convenient space for residents to gather and socialize and get to know your neighbors.

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